Why Choose Us For Your Warehouse Needs?


Business Scalability

One of the best reasons to outsource your inventory management and control is that you’re better able to scale your business as much as needed. You can add more products to sell, but you don’t need to purchase a bigger warehouse to store your inventory, which means less of your profits go toward spending money on a bigger space and helps you manage costs better and determine future profits.

Faster Order Fulfillment

These days, customers want their products as fast as possible, especially if the inventory item is essential to their business or personal life. When you outsource your inventory management and control, your customers not only receive their products faster, but they encounter lower shipping costs as well. With Integrity Link Logistics, we offer same-day shipping by finding the major airports nearest the origin and destination, finding the flights, calculating driving times, and then sending drivers to the origin and destination airports. We also offer second-day and three-day air freight shipping for shipments that aren’t time-critical.

Reduces Waste

When you and your staff take care of your inventory, you often have to take extra time to remove old inventory that has spoiled, rusted, or exceeded its best-before date in some other way. When you outsource your inventory to a third party, regardless of your industry, you no longer have to spend the extra time and energy sorting through your inventory to find outdated items. Often, it’s easy to overlook an inventory item that’s past its best-before date and ship it to a customer, which impacts your relationship with them. Allowing us to manage and control your inventory will enable you to reduce waste and ensure that your customers don’t receive products past the best-before dates.

Updating Software

When you’re running a business, your budget might not allow you to upgrade your warehouse management system. In the meantime, an old, outdated system is more prone to errors and doesn’t have the latest features that an up-to-date warehouse management system would have. By outsourcing your inventory management, you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget to purchase and maintain a warehouse management system as we’re the ones managing your inventory. Not having to worry about buying and maintaining a WMS saves you time, money, and resources you can spend elsewhere. Whether you have a time-critical shipment or you’re looking for someone to handle your inventory management and control, you can count on our experts to handle your needs.

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