Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

We provide the greatest global sourcing and procurement service, Consolidation, Air and Sea Cargo, Business Consultancy, Payment of Suppliers, Haulage, Distribution, Warehousing (Inventory Management). We are especially dedicated to small companies and start-ups that need to source products or suppliers beyond their borders. Given their small size is less than convenient to do a worldwide sourcing for suppliers, so they can rely on our expertise to get the most reliable and efficient supply chain.


We source our products from reliable manufactures that adhere to top notch manufacturing standards. Integrity Link Logistics has been the bedrock for most clients providing material/items solutions and helping them meet its production and service target. Our Products/Services meets the needs of various institutions and industries in the Medical, construction, Food & Beverages, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil, Gadgets, Equipment’s, General Supplies & Gas Sector etc.

Our business integrity and particular attention to details, enables our clients to depend on us for solution to all their Products and Services. We deliver works and execute in a timely manner, with focus on client’s satisfaction. Our supply service guaranteed, fast, safe, reliable, thorough and efficient.


Digital business, trade agreements and geopolitics are driving increased rates of change and raising the risks for all kind of companies, especially small business and start-ups. These issues require supply chains to respond quickly to disruptions, align with evolving business models and continually adapt to a shifting global landscape. Getting industry insights, finding the right international supplier or outsourcing the international procurement function has become vital to address these new challenges and seize new opportunities.


With the rapid globalization, the need for effective logistics in clearing and forwarding agents is an inevitable part of national, as well as global business dealings. As a pacesetter, our primary services are Door to Door Services (China, Turkey, USA, India & UK to Ghana), Clearing and Forwarding of goods (sea /air), haulage, Distribution (Delivery Services, Car and Truck Rentals), warehousing (Inventory Management). We provide our service to both domestic and international markets.

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